Mark Gervais is an illustrator and animator from Calgary, Canada.  A few years back he came up with a brilliant idea to decorate his home, using some of his animated art work.   He turned to local Calgary musician and producer, Dewi Wood to supply spine tingling sounds and Hallowindow was born.

     Hallowindow is a collection of Halloween themed animations that you can use for window projection or your TV.  It is available on DVD and as downloadable video files with spine tingling soundtracks.

     In order to display the animation in your window you will need a DVD player hooked up to a projector with proper connection cables.  It is best to use a projector with a fairly bright bulb, 2000 lumens or more, but dimmer projectors will also work.  You will also need something to project the image onto in your window.  A simple solution for this is a white bed sheet or a white shower curtain pinned to the window frame on the inside of your house.  There are also some other tips about projectors on the Hallowindow blog.

     The still pictures presented here don’t do this masterpiece justice.  I strongly suggest checking out Mark’s page or YouTube to see Hallowindow in action.



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