The Halloween List


     Chances are good that if you’re reading this post, you’re a fan of Halloween.  We come in different shapes & sizes, all having different things which we enjoy about the holiday.  Crafters, party goers, parents, home haunters, and horror movie buffs are just some of those who make up our ranks.

     Many years ago, I made a discovery which I have enjoyed ever since.  This discovery was the Halloween List!  What is this list?  Well, it’s like a social network of hundreds of other Halloween enthusiasts, all sharing ideas and news of their latest project. 

     The list is run as a “LISTSERV”, which is an electronic mailing list software application, consisting of a set of email addresses for a group in which the sender can send one email and it will reach a variety of people.

     Basically, if you have a Halloween question, you send one email and it is automatically sent to each member on the list.  This process works the same for questions asked by other people, so it is possible to end up with a ton of Halloween emails in your box as Halloween approaches.  That said, if the traffic gets too high, a simple unsubscribe email will shut the whole process off.

     Interested in taking a peek?  You can find more information about the Halloween List here.


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