Candy Battle I: Smarties vs. Dum Dums

     Every trick-or-treater worth his salt knows that there are certain candies that you’ll come across every year.  For our initial candy battle, we’re featuring two classics….Smarties & Dum Dums.

     Smarties are the fruit flavored tablet candies, which have been around since 1949.  These pastel candies are one of the most common types of Halloween candies available.  Referred to as Rockets in Canada, I doubt that a year has gone by where I haven’t unwrapped a roll of these little guys.  Billions of Smarties rolls are produced each year.

     Dum Dums Pops go back even further, to 1924.  Dum Dums are uniquely recognized by generations as fun to share. They have been trusted for decades by professional institutions as the classic candy brand to say thank-you to their customers. With a delicious range of flavors and the unique Mystery Flavor™, Dum Dums provide a good quality, fun, and classic treat for kids of all ages and are also a great gluten-free Halloween candy.



     Thank you for reading.  If you’d like to learn more about the candies mentioned here, I’ve provided some links below (anyone have any idea why WordPress isn’t allowing me to hyperlink anymore?)


5 thoughts on “Candy Battle I: Smarties vs. Dum Dums

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