Does anybody actually get trick-or-treaters anymore?

     I’m a 41 year-old man.  Now to be fair, I’m not exactly what most folks would consider a “normal” 41 year-old man (I mean, aside from dressing up as a 9′ tall monster at every opportunity).  I guess, I’m looking at this more from fact that I have moved around like a gypsy in the past 20 years, spending most of that time living as an apartment dweller.

     At any rate, normal or not, I have never had a single trick-or-treater come to my door.  No neighborhood kids, no teens in street clothes, not even a friend or co-worker bringing by their little-ones.

     While I realize to some people this might seem like a good thing, for a Halloween enthusiast like myself, it’s pretty sad.  I imagine that if I did, I could easily see myself joining the ranks of the thousands of “home haunters”, who spend months of the year building elaborate displays for the diminutive ghosts & goblins who visit them.

     I buy the candy every year and in my opinion, I carve a pretty mean pumpkin.  I’m just lacking hordes of little monsters to share them with. 

     So, dear readers, I put the question to you.  Do you still get trick-or-treaters?  If so, do they come in great numbers?  What part of the country do you live in?  City, country, or suburbs?  costumes or no costumes.  Finally, do you do anything special for your trick-or-treaters to make things memorable for them?


2 thoughts on “Does anybody actually get trick-or-treaters anymore?

  1. No! we never get trick or treaters and I don’t know where they’ve all gone… I’m in the midwest. When I was a kid, we ALL trick or treated… now, it seems like nobody does. its sad.

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