The Sockapocalypse is upon us!!!

         I mentioned this briefly on Twitter the other day but I decided to throw it out there to you folks as well.  While at the Lorain County Food Drive & Zombie Walk on Saturday, I came across something really neat….Sockapocalypse!!!

     We’re all familiar with old-time “sock monkeys”.  Well, Sockapocalypse creates “agorable” (adorably gory) sock zombies!  Whether you have a demented child or it’s just for the demented little child living inside you screaming and trying to claw its way out, these sock monkeys can be custom-made to suit any taste. 

     The creator is a big Halloween lover herself.  Here’s what she had to say:

“I started the sock monkeys in order to get my sister to take her daughter on a zombie walk with me. I had been searching the internet looking for “zombie dolls” and stumbled upon creepy sock monkeys. I ordered some, spent more than I could afford, and when they came in the mail I was extremely disappointed with the quality of the workmanship. My son tore his apart in less than a half hour. So being a crafty person and not wanting to disappoint two 2-year-year olds I set to work at my sewing machine.”

“For me it’s fun to make the monkeys. It’s a challenge to find new ways to make them “agorable” (adorably gory). I want each one to be different and special. To me they each have their own unique personalities. I have even started dreaming about them, and what to make next. For me it’s really important that they can withstand being played with. I make each one capable of withstanding my son, ‘Captain Destructo.’ These monkeys are made to be loved, or abused as you see fit.”

“Halloween has always been huge in my family. My grandmother’s a twin born on Halloween so maybe that played into the love over the years. I really enjoy getting to do it all over again with my son, and better now than it ever was when I was a kid. It’s so much more than candy; it’s planning together, making together, and just being together as a family.” 

     Gotta love a story like that and these little guys are damn cute.  At any rate, I just had to pass along this find.  I’m sure that the Sockapocalypse will spread quickly.


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