Today I want to tell you folks about a small business from my hometown of Rochester, NY.  As a good number of you folks are either Halloween or Zombie enthusiasts, I believe you’ll appreciate hearing about Fright-Rags.

     Fright-Rags was created by Ben Scrivens and produces the most kick-ass horror t-shirts you’ve ever seen.  A big fan of the genre, he found that the shirts on the market were either of very poor quality or less than impressive in design.  He started his business back in September, 2003 to fill that void.  With just 3 designs, a web site, and a credit card, he took his shot. 

     Since then, Fright-Rags has grown by leaps and bounds.   He now has a dedicated printer who does all the shirts, professional artists that bring his ideas to life, a programmer that helps with the site, and even someone to help fold shirts.  Fright-Rags shirts have been sent to every state in the US, and to countries all around the world. They’ve even been in Hot Topic stores across the nation as well as many mom n’ pop stores and online shops.

     Ben still fills all the orders, answer all the emails, and coördinates everyone’s efforts so he can keep it a well-oiled machine and get people their shirts.  This guy has a passion for the genre as well as a desire to produce a high quality product.  Take just a minute and check out his designs.


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