Halloween Candy Battle III: Tootsie Pops vs. Charms Blow Pops

     For this week’s Halloween candy battle, we’re featuring two more heavyweights in the world of Halloween candy…Tootsie Pops & Charms Blow Pops.

     Tootsie Roll Pops are known for the catch phrase “How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?”.  Invented in 1930, they are hard candy lollipops filled with chocolate-flavored Tootsie Roll.

     Charms Blow Popsare lollipops with bubble gum centers surrounded by a hard candy shell. The candy was popularized by The Charms Company, which was acquired by Tootsie Roll Industries in 1988.  Invention of the candy is attributed to Thomas Tate Tidwell in 1966. 



5 thoughts on “Halloween Candy Battle III: Tootsie Pops vs. Charms Blow Pops

    • I agree. That was a tough one. I also went with the Charms but it was close. I must also admit that I’m a “gum eater”. As I’d crunch through the lollipop, I’d bite off and swallow the gum as well.

  1. way tough but the results are exactly how i feel ABOUT this.. 60% of the time, i prefer blow pop and 40% i prefer tootsie. i think i like the over-all flavor more on the tootsie pop but then i like the fact that the blow pop will last longer because of the gum! however the gum gets gross pretty fast. thats why this is such a close one

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