The Ghastly Ones


     Ok Halloween fans, I’ve got a real treat for you today.  Hardly a Halloween season passes without the topic of Halloween music coming up.  Whether planning for a rocking good Halloween party or driving from haunted attraction to haunted attraction, folks want some tunes to go along with the fun.

     As someone who spends a good bit of his life dressed up like Frankenstein’s monster, I’ve always been partial to The Monster Mash.  There are certainly other “classics” out there…Purple People Eater, Thriller, and even Nightmare on My Street come to mind.  However, these are all very different.  This makes it hard to build a theme to your evening and you can just about forget any dancing going on.

     This year, for a rocking good Halloween vibe, let me suggest that you give the Ghastly Ones a listen.  The Ghastly Ones are a surf–garage rock band from Van Nuys, CA with a particularly spooky sound and late-night monster movie theme.  With crazy guitars and a driving drumbeat, imagine their stuff as a revved up version of the theme to the Munsters.

     Rob Zombie who released their first album in 1998 on his label Zombie-A-Go-Go Records, teamed up with them to record Halloween (she get so mean).  With other titles, such as The Ghastly Stomp, and Haulin’ Hearse, how can you go wrong?

     I lack the ability to link videos here but I’ve posted a couple to my Facebook page.  Pop over and check them out if you get a chance.

     Thanks for stopping by.  Were you already aware of the Ghastly Ones?  Do you have any favorite Halloween music of your own?  Leave a quick comment below and let me know.


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