Monster platters at KROGER

     I was out at Kroger today getting groceries when I found something I had to share.  In their Halloween section were these fantastic Halloween serving platters.

     These heavy-duty plastic platters are roughly 12″x12″ and were retailing for $2.99/each.  I think they’d be perfect for any Halloween party any sturdy enough to re-use year after year!


6 thoughts on “Monster platters at KROGER

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    • I’d be glad to try to pick them up for you. I’m working all day tomorrow and my poor truck is going in for “surgery” first thing Saturday morning. Assuming I still have a vehicle at that point, I’ll run straight over to Kroger.

      I’ve not looked for them since I wrote the initial post. If they no longer have each pattern, would you still like 1 of each of the ones they do have (or only if I find the full set)?

      Drop me an e-mail at and I’ll let you know what I find.

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