‘Twas the week after Halloween…

The week following Halloween is typically very calm for me.  Usually I’m so worn out that I do little more than lie around, groaning about getting old.  My evenings are filled with doctoring up my legs, which are generally a mess of cuts and blisters from dancing in the stilts.

This year, I’ve been quite busy.  I’m facing a potential move and have roughly 30 days to decide whether I’m going to stay put in Ohio or run off to some other destination…no stress there.

Today, quite unexpectedly, I heard from one of my customers.  Apparently, my monster made enough of a splash that they would like to hire me for some Christmas related events.  Generally this would be very good news.  However, if I end up leaving Ohio, it will be a moot point.

Now, while I’m trying to decide where I want to live, I’m also mulling over possible holiday costumes which will lend themselves  to the stilts.  Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

Toy Soldier/Nutcracker:  This was the first thing that came to mind.  The holiday connection is there and I believe it would lend itself nicely as a stilt costume.  I can picture a whole Babes in Toyland vibe off it.  Could be pretty cool.

Elf:  Probably the easiest to round-up parts for.  However, something about the thought of running around as a 9′ tall elf just makes me cringe.

Snowman:  This could work I suppose but it seems like it would be hard to pull off.  Also, the bottom of the costume would have to be so big (to keep the proportions right) that I think it would be rather cumbersome.  One of the best parts about the monster suit is that I’m totally mobile.  I’m thinking that a snowman get-up would be too clunky.

Beyond these, I’m drawing a blank.  If you have any ideas as to something that would be a good fit, please leave a comment below.  I’d love to see what you can come up with.

Of course, there is one other that crossed my mind but I suppose it’s just the monster in me coming out.


11 thoughts on “‘Twas the week after Halloween…

  1. Have you considered doing a Christmas one that doesn’t have stilts? Just curious, since they hurt your legs so bad… maybe you could ditch the stilts for xmas and take a break?

    Where in Ohio are you from? I didn’t even realize that the first time I stopped by… I’m not so sure this is where I wanna live, either.

    • Thanks. I’m scrambling at the moment. I’m on Christmas break from work in two weeks and I’ll be moving between then and the 1st of December. Once the dust settles, if my budget allows, I’ll get rolling on a new costume.

    • I’m not sure yet. Right now it’s down to either Rochester, NY (my hometown) or Athens, OH. I’d rather avoid Athens but I work there and the cost of living is very low. I might just grab a little apartment there for 7 months and then move out of the state.

      I’m lucky enough to have December off so I’m hoping to fit in a couple road-trips and have some adventures.

  2. Yeah, you are lucky. I may be off for a while here soon but won’t be having any adventures as I will be undergoing surgery. But good luck to you, hope you figure out where you want to be soon! 🙂

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