HUGE zombie movie to be filmed in Columbus, OH

Think you’ve got what it takes to join the ranks of the living dead?  This summer you may have the opportunity to prove yourself.

Arch & Pillar Productions is planning on shooting the most extravagant and largest zombie movie in Ohio.

All of this is to take place over the course of just 48 hours!  The project is being conducted for the 48 Hour Film Festival (July 27-July 29) and their main shooting day will be July 28.  The film will be shot at a location to be announced in or around Columbus.

Their goal is to have the largest collection of zombies in the Mid-West, essentially they want a zombie army.  They are looking for as many people as possible to act as the zombie horde.

In addition, to help “zombify” everyone, they need some talented make-up artists to prep and maintain throughout the day.  Also in need will be volunteers for crew and support roles.

For more information: 

Thank you for reading.  If any of you think you might like to take part in this, please drop me a line.  Sounds like fun but I’m down in Athens, all by myself.  I’d gladly drive up if I had some other zombies to hang out with.

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