Monster platters at KROGER

     I was out at Kroger today getting groceries when I found something I had to share.  In their Halloween section were these fantastic Halloween serving platters.

     These heavy-duty plastic platters are roughly 12″x12″ and were retailing for $2.99/each.  I think they’d be perfect for any Halloween party any sturdy enough to re-use year after year!


The Scare-A-Torium

     Colonel Frightmore has traveled around the world collecting fears for your dark entertainment.  He invites you to come in and experience a maze of the macabre as he’s captured your every fear and proudly presents them to you here in his haunted house of horrors called THE SCARE-A-TORIUM!

     Through these haunted passages you’ll witness the most wretched collection of Halloween ghouls and ghosts, spiders and skeletons, killer clowns and creeps, vampires and victims, supernatural and super spectral, the undead and the unstable, the decaying and the decapitated, ever assembled.

     So many fears, so many rooms, so many spines to tingle!  It’s been a devious task assembling them just for you. Come now and don’t be late!  He has so many many unspeakable horrors for you to see!  Can you make it through? Or will your deepest darkest fears get the best of you?


Admission includes RIP’s Funhouse; home for a collection of evil clowns, optical illusions and toxic experiments. You get two haunts for one price; over 50+ scenes of FRIGHT!


Dublin Village Center (Southwest corner of I-270 & Sawmill Road)
6765 E Dublin Center Dr
Dublin, Oh 43017


Thursday through Sunday – September 29 to October 30th

Thursday’s and Sunday’s 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm
Friday’s and Saturday’s 7:30 pm to Midnight



Offering timed and fast pass admissions on website.


Does anybody really like Candy Corn???

     I love Halloween.  I’m also rather fond of candy.  That said, I can’t stomach candy corn.  I think that everyone has certain items in a candy bowl which will remain until all of the others are gone.  Well, for me the candy corn never even makes it into the bowl.

     Let’s say I happened to be shopping for an assorted bag of Halloween candy and I had two bags to choose from.  If one bag contained some candy corn and the other bag had some live ants running around in it, I’d likely choose the one with the ants!  This is largely because I can understand why the ants would be there but I have no idea what candy corn would be doing in my bag of Halloween candy.

     Apparently, the confection was created in the 1880s by a fellow named George Renniger.  I’m sure his Wunderle Candy Co. had good intentions for their product, so I can’t fault them.  Hell, everyone makes mistakes.

     What’s curious to me is the fact that I’ve never met a single person who did like the stuff.  Trust me, I’ve asked around.  If I could have traded away all of my candy for say Hersey Bars, Tootsie Pops, or even Smarties, I’d probably weigh an extra 20 lbs. now.  Unfortunately, it seems that it is equally despised by all of my friends and acquaintances.

     Cleary, someone must be eating it.  According to the National Confectioners Association, more than 20 million lbs. of the candy are produced each year.  Where the hell is it going?

     I’m forced to think of the old fruit cake joke.  You know, the one which states that there is only 1 fruitcake in existence but people keep passing it off to each other as a gift.  Perhaps there are really only a couple pounds of candy corn in the world and somehow it keeps showing up on Halloween.

     In the name of science, I’m asking you, do you like candy corn?  Seriously, I’m begging you.  If you like candy corn or know someone who does, please let me know.  Somehow the world would make just a little more sense to me, if I knew that there was a reason for the sugary mess to still exist. 

     I hope I haven’t sounded to harsh about the poor candy corn.  Everything deserves its moment in the spotlight.  I just wish that some other type of candy was most commonly associated with Halloween.  For myself, I have one in mind.