What Exactly is Monster for Rent?


What exactly is Monster For Rent?

He’s a stilt-walking monster, standing at just under 9’ tall.  In his younger days, he worked at various “haunted houses” and “haunted hayrides”.   Now as a more seasoned monster, he spends the Halloween season, hiring himself out to deliver balloon-a-grams, entertain at birthday parties, Halloween parties, grocery stores, farm markets, and different companies who want to draw some attention to their business during the Halloween season.

Originally from Rochester, NY, the monster spent a number of years residing in West Palm Beach, FL.  Currently, he resides in the quiet town of Athens, OH.

 So what does the monster do?

Really that depends on the specific event.  The overwhelming majority of the time, he’s called into action to shake hands and pose for pictures with party-goers and customers of the various events that he’s hired to perform at.

At company functions, he’s been used to pass out advertising literature, march in parades, draw attention to certain displays within a store, or even stand by the side of the road to help draw in business.


Can the monster talk?

Sadly, no… The mad scientist who created the monster neglected to give him the ability to speak.  However, he’s become quite adept at communicating with folks through hand gestures and head bobs.

There will be lots of young children at my event.  Will the monster be too scary for them?

While it is true that a 9’ tall monster might seem pretty intimidating, the monster very rarely scares any little ones.  In his experience, children who are afraid of Santa Claus, clowns, or the Easter Bunny may also be afraid of the monster.

The monster has become quite adept at scanning the crowd for signs that any of the little folks are looking a bit uneasy.  When he detects this, he avoids eye contact and focuses on the folks who are close by, shaking his hand and posing for pictures.  Generally, this allows any timid youngsters to move along and not suffer any frights.

The monster is so big.  Will he fit in my home or business?

Aside from being just under 9’ tall, the monster is able to fit just about anywhere that an event might be held.  He’s easily as maneuverable as any “normal” person.  As such, he’s able to duck through regular doorways, climb stairs, and pretty much go anywhere required, doing what needs to be done.

There will likely be big crowds at my event.   Will this be a problem for the monster?

Not at all.  The monster is very sturdy on his feet and has full peripheral vision.  Whether he’s indoors with merchandise displays or outdoors in a throng of people, the monster is very adept at moving about in tight spaces.

Could the monster hold a sign to promote my event/business?

Yes, absolutely.  The monster would be able to hold/carry any sign that any other “normal” person could.

mfr3Any chance we could dress the monster up in one of our uniforms?

Sure.  Aside from being rather large, the monster would be happy to.  Over the years, he’s worn t-shirts, aprons, hats, & buttons from those who have used his services.



23 thoughts on “What Exactly is Monster for Rent?

      • Just put up a post about your blog.
        This was really inspiring. I really have so much fun with Halloween and am so glad that you posted a comment. Started an entire new category on my blog for Halloween fun!

        Hope your season is scarily-terrific and that you get plenty of business!

  1. I would like to have him for my Halloween party but I’m not sure if he will fit in my basement. I will have to measure.

    • Sounds good. It’s early yet so I’m still pretty open for 2011.

      Halloween parties can be a hoot! Sometimes folks have me “greet” their guests at the door as they arrive. One guy in Florida also had me offer hors d’oeuvres to his guests.

  2. Wow! The monster looks great and scarry! We noticed that you have some links listed of Halloween Costumes stores on your blog. We are an online Halloween Costume store http://www.costumesurprise.com, shipping all over the US and Internationally. If you don’t mind, we would really appreciate if you could post a link to our shop. We would be more than happy to do the same on our blog.
    We love your posts by the way, very entertaining and well written.

  3. Cool site & good job.

    Also typo:
    There will likely be big crowds at my event. Will this be a problem for the monster?

    Not at all. The monster is very sturdy on his feet and ***hand*** (should be “has”; perhaps?) full peripheral vision. Whether he’s indoors with merchandise displays or outdoors in a throng of people, the monster is very adept at moving about in tight spaces.

  4. Hey great blog! I’ve been browsing it and I must say I’m a little jealous. In my dream world life revolves around Halloween. I like that you’re a little old school and not the same old gory murderer you see at all the haunted houses these days!

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  6. Does the Monster for Rent travel? I am thinking of creating a separate film fest for all of the really cool horror movie entries I am receiving so far. We are located on the I-94 corridor, about an hour north west of Toledo here in Jackson, Michigan. I think it would be great if the monster were a guest to our event.

  7. My boss’ friend has a 19 year old daughter who was given 2 weeks to live this week due to an untreatable cancer. Her family is throwing a party for her on Sunday, November 16 @ 1:00 pm at in Westerville Oh 43081. Would you be able or willing to go to there & create a memorable experience for her family & friends? She loves Horror flicks & Zombies if you are able to do something like that. If you would, what would be the cost for approximately 15-20 girls?

    Thank you.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. I’m way down in Athens, OH but imagine I could get up that way. If you think she’d like a visit, I’d be glad to help out, free of charge. Please leave me your contact information and I’ll be in touch.

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